What matters is love and experience. Great deeds rise from passion.
So, if you are crazy enough to live for what you really believe in…… everything makes sense.
I dreamt of a flavour, an atmosphere, a good coffee.
Lucia Musetti Signatura

Established in 1934, Italian family Musetti is operating in 60+ countries on the five continents. Musetti history is a fusion of passion, hard work and successes where people and coffee have always been the only undisputed protagonists. The company attention for the product and its care about consumers have remained unchanged over the years. Precisely for this reason unique blends have been created to satisfy the most different tastes and needs. Quality is however the foundation to produce new blends. Several and strict controls are carried out on the whole manufacturing process, from the selection of green coffee to packaging and distribution.

The several certifications obtained also testify the commitment to provide the consumer with a unique and high quality product.

Passion for coffee shows itself not only through the careful selection and roasting of raw materials but also by paying attention to anything having to do with the coffee world. Coffee is atmosphere, culture, experience. It’s an evocative drink well suited to a wide range of complex sets .

We find it in musicals, in literature, in pictures as wells as in plays and movies. We find it in mountain and see villages and in other places many miles far away from our world. Main character in social rituals and in private life. Therefore Musetti always follows with great interest the developments and events related to coffee often being sponsor of those in which coffee is strictly connected to the art world.

The love for art and a curious and attentive glance to the world events make Musetti a living and constantly evolving company.

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