Wholesale Request – you are just three steps away:

  1. Register to “My Account” on this page (top right menu) – this will create a regular customer account.
  2. Register at least one card for the “Payment Method” within your account profile. There is no charge and your card details are stored safely by Stripe – we do not see your card number.
  3. When done, send an e-mail request to info@musetti.us or call Customer Service:+1-857-869-3685 – our support team will review and upgrade your regular customer account to wholesale features.

You will be able to see wholesale prices as soon as we approve your wholesale eligibility. We will let you know really quickly – usually not later than the next business day.

Q: Can I start shopping while my Wholesale Request is pending?
A: – Yes, but your order will display a regular price. Add items to cart, proceed to checkout and select Card Payment via Stripe. After you click on Submit – your card will be pre-authorized (not charged at this point). Your order will be sent for a quick review. After successful Wholesale Confirmation, we will add discount to your order and charge your card accordingly.

Q: What is the minimum quantity (MOQ) to be ordered?
A: – Even with less than a case pack, most of our products offer some eligibility for basic wholesale prices. See the product detail page to see MOQ (“must buy”). Anyway, case packs or volume orders will benefit from better discounts.

Q: Do I need to sign contract? Is there any binding?
A: – For small quantity orders (less than case pack and case pack volumes), General Terms and Conditions will apply, and you will be served on a “first come first serve” basis until supply last. You are free to purchase anytime. If you expect to buy volumes, or if you rely on predictable delivery or discounts, we strongly recommend to contact us and discuss conditions and possible contract. Binding may appear in case you will receive certain kinds of marketing or hardware support from us.

Q: How do I qualify for the Wholesale account?
A: – You are required to be real business, meeting standards for reselling, or serving coffee. Coffee houses, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, etc. You can also purchase for your office needs. If you plan to resale our coffee, we really need to make sure you will follow standards a maintain accurate handling. Also, you have to be registered legal business according to the law applicable in your state(s) of operation (must have valid UBI or EIN).

Q: We want to purchase directly from Italy. Is it possible?
A: – Since 2019, you want to place every purchase order with our US office. For customs, FDA records, and consumer safety we need to be IOR (Importer). Preferred wholesale shipping is from our Import Warehouse in NJ. Freight can be completed in Italy and shipped directly to you if that makes sense, but you will be billed from US entity, and your delivery will be already cleared by customs.

Q: Can we be a distributor?
A: – Yes, we are open to local distributors. Contact our U.S. office directly by mail or phone.

Q: I am a broker. Will you work with me?
A: – Yes, reasonable brokers are welcome. Contact our U.S. office directly by mail or phone.