Musetti presents the real Italian school of espresso for the professionals, providing an excellent and serious training through courses tailored on different levels for those who wish to become a BARISTA. Best options for Training is in our renewed Coffee Academy in Italy, for customers who can’t travel we can organize courses at their premises in United States.

Coffee Academy near Piacenza is located in one of the most famous world location for coffee, region also known for its unique original Parmigiano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma, less than 1 hour from Milan and about 2 hours from Venice, Pisa or Florence.

Courses are based on the standards and can be tailored for each group individually accordingly. Beside classes that will take place in our headquarter near Piacenza all customers from United States will have great opportunity of real Coffee Culture experience. We will visit Milan, Venice, Florence and Pisa.

Barista Basic
Learn essentials how to make variety of coffees based of Italian espresso
Barista Advanced
Learn how to prepare cold and hot espresso drinks and latte art techniques
Coffee Specialist
Learn secrets of professional tasting to find right way to great quality coffee

Barista Basic course participants will learn how to adjust properly the grinder-dispenser and the espresso machine so to have a perfect extraction. They will be taught how to make a perfect foam and how to adjust the different milk’s temperatures.

Barista Advanced course participants will learn the Latte Art techniques to create the classic designs on the cappuccino with the only movement of the jug. They will prepare drinks and cocktails with cold foamed milk, shaken and flavored coffee and hot chocolates.

Coffee Specialist is advanced course for Professional Degustation. It is recommended for professionals that are intend to be quality officers. You will learn more about coffee metrics, processes, recognizing right taste.

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Training in United States

For customers who can not travel we can offer custom dates and training on their premises in U.S. Training at customer premises is suitable for all variety of staff, including baristas and food retailers. To achieve best grade and excellence same as to find best availability for our highest class academy teachers we recommend all managers, barista experts and involved business owners to join our classes in Italy.

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