List of Musetti blends currently available in USA. All other blends produced by Musetti are available for business back-orders. 

Gold CuvéeGold Cuveé Premium

Excellence in Passion for Coffee. A unique and precious new Blend dedicated to Musetti’s 80th anniversary. Brazilian and African Arabica coffees marry Indian washed Robusta to generate a final Blend aromatically rich and with fine acidity.

Available in .tin 2 kg (4.4 lb), beans | .tin 250g (8.8 oz), beans
Special Reciepe, approx. 85% Arabica & 15% Robusta
Aroma – 5 | Body – 3 | Sweetness – 5 | Intensity – 4 | Roundness – 5
Medium Roast

Gran Cru 3 kg Grand Cru – Founder’s Reserve by Achille Musetti

Tradition & Innovation in Esperesso Coffee. A mixture of high quality coffees characterized by a chocolate aftertaste, with hints of vanilla, citrus and light floral notes, typical of the best Arabica coffee from the highlands of Africa.

Available in 3 kg (6.6 lb) professional tin packaging in protective atmosphere with one-way degassing valve.
Special Reciepe, approx. 85% Arabica & 15% Robusta
Aroma – 5 | Body – 3 | Sweetness – 5 | Intensity – 4 | Roundness – 5
Medium Roast

Musetti Single Origin Coffee Group Single Origin

An experience as Connoiseur. Single origin coffee comes exclusively from a single plantation.

Each plantation develops unique features compared to others. Territorial and climatic conditions, selection and field testing are the elements that ensure that single origin coffees are so special and unique. This uniqueness has been carefully preserved and handed down from generation to generation.

The “distinctive characteristics” lie at the heart of single origin coffees. Traditional blends tend to soften and, one might say, standardise flavours, whereas single origin coffees enhance each detail and distinctive characteristic allowing us to discern the elements of taste that characterise where they come from.

Single origin coffees allow us to travel through unknown lands with every sip. Each cup reveals a surprising and unexpected aroma: from Brazilian chocolate to Ethiopian citrus notes, sweetish tones from Kenya or Guatemalan tobacco.

Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee by Musetti, 125 g tin


Structured and well defined aromatic bouquet, with flowery and citrus notes. Noble cru, uniquely typical and prestigious.

100% Arabica
Aroma – 5 | Body – 4 | Sweetness – 4 | Intensity – 3 | Roundness – 3

Taste Ethiopia

Bazil Single Origin Coffee by Musetti, 125 g tin


Sweet coffee with delicate taste. Smooth and mellow texture with pleasant cocoa hints.

100% Arabica
Aroma – 5 | Body – 5 | Sweetness – 4 | Intensity – 3 | Roundness – 3

Taste Brazil

Kenya Single Origin Coffee by Musetti, 125 g tin


Precious origin, not common, with complete full body and pleasant acidity. Chocolate and citrus notes, natural or candied, in aftertaste.

100% Arabica
Aroma – 4 | Body – 5 | Sweetness – 4 | Intensity – 3 | Roundness – 4

Taste Kenya

Guatemala Single Origin Coffee by Musetti, 125 g tin


Round body, sweet taste and nice acidity. Aromatic and well balanced. Cocoa and tobacco notes in aftertaste.

100% Arabica
Aroma – 4 | Body – 5 | Sweetness – 4 | Intensity – 4 | Roundness – 4

Taste Guatemala

Available in .tin 125 g (4.4 oz) ground | bag 250 g (8.8 oz) beans.
Medium Roast


Midori Bilogico Organic Coffee by Musetti, 250 g tin Organic Coffee

Biologico Midori. A blend of organic coffee with a satisfying taste. Sweet and delicate with fine acidity and persistent after-taste. Low caffeine content.

Available in 1 kg (2.2 lb) bag, beans | 250 g (8.8 oz) tin, ground.
80% Arabica 20% Robusta (+/- 5%)
Aroma – 5 | Body – 4 | Sweetness – 4 | Intensity – 3 | Roundness – 4
Medium Roast

Evoluzione 100% Arabica Coffee by Musetti, 1 kg bagEvoluzione 100% Arabica – Certified Specialty Coffee

It is composed of the best certified Arabica coffees coming from Brasil, Guatemala and Ethiopian
tablelands as well as other Central America orgins. This sweet, delicate and aromatic blend, with a
perceptible fruit taste typical of the Ethiopic Sidamo, also has a marked but pleasant degree of acidity,
typical of the Central American coffees. This mixture grants to the espresso a great delicacy. Thanks to its
low quantity of caffeine, it is particularly suitable for everyone, who often drink espresso.

Available in 1 kg (2.2 lb) bag.
100% Arabica CSC
Medium Roast

Cremissimo Coffee by Musetti, 1 kg bagCremissimo

Intense and balanced taste with notes of chocolate, bourbon vanilla and hazelnut. Indian washed Robusta
coffee gives round body, high cream and good persistency. Brazilian Arabica guarantees rich and long
lasting aftertaste sensations. Perfect to blend with hot or cold milk for tasty and gorgeous preparations.

Available in 1 kg (2.2 lb) bag.
70% Arabica + 30% Robusta
Medium Roast

Musetti Flavoured Coffee Group Flavoured Coffee

Flavored line (125 g) available with mocha grind in the following flavors: Irish Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Amaretto and Hazelnut.

Decaffeinated Coffee by Musetti, 125 g tin Decaffeinated

This blend is composed of coffees coming from Centre America, Brazil, and selected coffees from India.
The decaffeination is obtained thanks to natural processes and it is less than 1%. This blend is creamy with
a good taste and an interesting body and leaves in your mouth a pleasant coffee taste.

Available in 125 g (4.4 oz) tin.
60% Arabica 40% Robusta
Aroma – 3 | Body – 4 | Sweetness – 3 | Intensity – 4 | Roundness – 4
Medium Roast