Delicious thick drinking chocolate “Gianduia”.

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Thick drinking chocolate.

Preparation of a hot drink (suggested ratio for 1 serving):

  1. pour 4 fl. oz (120 ml) of whole milk into a pot (low fat, non fat or other milk can be used too)
  2. add 1 oz (2 tbls) (cca 25g) of Choc-issimo and mix with a spoon
  3. bring slowly to boil, steer if necessary,
  4. let cool down to safe drinking temperature and serve.

Ingredients: caster sugar, cocoa blend (25%), potato flour, salt, flavours.

Allergen info: 

  • powder may contain trace of nuts,
  • potato flour is gluten free product,
  • see allergen info on milk you will use for blending.

Nutrition facts – please see product photo with Nutrition Facts label.

This 1 kg bag contains about 35 servings (based on suggested preparation ratio).

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 20 cm
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