Decaffeinated – Whole Beans Coffee – Espresso – bag 1 kg (2.2 lb)


This blend is composed of decaffeinated beans coming from Centre America, Brazil, and selected coffees from India.

  • Non chemical – “Swiss Water” decaffeination processes
  • Creamy with pleasant taste
  • Almost no caffeine – less than 0.1% caffeine
  • Packed in protective atmosphere
  • about 125 servings per bag (based on 8 g/serving)

Suitable for espresso machines, drip, filter, french press or Italian moka pot.

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The DECAFFEINATED blend is composed of coffees coming from Centre America, Brazil, and selected beans from India.
The decaffeination is obtained thanks to natural processes, it is less than 0.1% with 100% traditional Italian espresso taste. This blend is creamy with a sweet taste and characterized by a delicate aroma. Leaves in your mouth a pleasant coffee taste. Predominant hints of vanilla and dried fruits. It is dedicated to those who want to give up caffeine without losing the pleasure of coffee and those who likes to drinks more coffees per a day. Vaacum packed in protective atmosphere.

60% Arabica 40% Robusta (±5%)
Aroma – 3 | Body – 4 | Sweetness – 3 | Intensity – 4 | Roundness – 4
Medium Roast

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 29 cm
Packing (case packs)



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