“Skip the line” and unlock level C pricing. We are helping Start-ups!

Pay 5% of treshold limit and unlock additional discount level (up to 20% additional discounts).
Our next discount level starts when you spend $6000, but now you can skip the line with this promotion “Club” feature.


How does it work?

Our Wholesale Prices are dropping down as much as you purchase. To upgrade from basic Wholesale Customer level you need to cummulate $6000 turnover within 12 consequent moths (or earlier). Once your purchase history hits treshold, you can apply to unlock Wholesale C level.

Now if you are registered and approved for Wholesale and you have already made at least one successful purchase you can skip one price level. Simply purchase this 12 months “C club membership” and unlock additional discounts even without reaching treshold amount. No questions, no bindings.


Please note – Wholesale C level can have different MQO – for example if basic Wholesale level allows you to purchase less than case pack, C level may not offer such feature for C level price, but less than case pack feature may still be available for basic price.

Wholesale C does not guarantee anytime stock availability. Unless you sign up for scheduled delivery we serve customers on “first come first serve” basis until supply last. Our supply is imported regularly and we try to do our best to predict sales but blank periods may appear.

We reserve the right to change Wholesale prices without prior notice.

30 days trial

We guarantee 30 days satisfaction trial period. May you find any reason this “Wholesale C Club” upgrade does not meet your expectations you can sign off anytime within 30 days from time of purchase. Send us e-mail and we will credit your account. If you cancel your Wholesale C Club upgrade you may not be approved to use same or similar upgrade in future again.


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