Evoluzione 100% Arabica · Certified Specialty Coffee · 250 g (8.8 oz) Ground for Moka

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Musetti blend Evoluzione is certified Specialty coffee. It is a mixture that composed of the best 100 % Arabica coffees coming from Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopian tablelands as well as other Central America origins. Coffee is characterized by aromatic, fruity and sweet notes. The delicate taste, fine acidic, caresses the palate and leaves a rich and persistent aftertaste. For those who do not accept compromises and only want the best from coffee with a low caffeine content.

Certified Specialty Coffee - 100% Arabica.

It is composed of the best certified Arabica coffees coming from Brasil, Guatemala, Salvador and Ethiopian tablelands as well as other Central America origins. This sweet, delicate and aromatic blend, with a
perceptible fruit taste typical of the Ethiopian Sidamo, also has a marked but pleasant degree of acidity, typical of the Central American coffees. This mixture grants to the espresso a great delicacy. Thanks to its
low quantity of caffeine, it is particularly suitable for everyone, who often drink espresso.

100% Arabica CSC
Medium Roast

Total 31 servings (based on 8 g per serving).

Vacuum packages?

Please note that this product is roasted ground coffee, it is packed shortly after roasting and immediately after grinding. Degassing is the nature of roasted coffee - despite packages are vacuumed during the production process, degassing can cause releasing natural gases inside the package thus some "air" can occur inside the package. Vacuumed or not vacuumed originally sealed package is equal in quality and can not be accepted as product failure or damage.


Case Pack: 1 pc - Single item

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