Grand Cru · Professional Espresso · 3 kg (6.6 lb) Beans (Clearance)

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Reserve by the founder Achille Musetti. A mixture of Premium Quality coffees. This blend is intend to be served in Coffee Houses and it is created for use in professional espresso machines.

Reserve by the founder Achille Musetti.

A mixture of high quality coffees characterized by a chocolate aftertaste, with hints of vanilla, citrus and light floral notes, typical of the best Arabica coffee from the highlands of Africa.

This item contains 3000 g professional tin, beans in protective atmosphere with one-way degassing valve. You can replace your top hopper by professional tin to attract by design, easy handling and refilling grinder, perfect bean protection.

Total 375 servings (based on 8 g per serving).

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Case Pack: 1 pc - Single item
Clearance Reason: Best Before Date is less than 12 months

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