Paradiso · Whole Beans Coffee · 250 g (8.8 oz) bag - Limited Home Edition

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Sweet, delicate and aromatic premium blend, with perceptible fruity notes. Refined taste and aftertaste fulfilling and persistent. Predominant hints of vanilla, dried fruits.

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Paradiso coffee is premium blend of prized Arabica quality beans, brings all their refined and pleasant taste in a cup. The fruity notes characterize the aroma, with an aftertaste that satisfies the palate. Thanks to its lower caffeine content, it is ideal also for those who prefer a less intense coffee break, but which is also satisfying and overwhelming. An aroma designated for those who do not accept compromises, not even in taste. Predominant hints of vanilla, dried fruits.

  • Premium Blend blend of precious Arabica coffee beans, refined and pleasing flavor, characteristic fruity aroma, with a persistent aftertaste
  • Works well in espresso machines, automated and semi-automated coffee machines, good for filter or drip
  • 85% Arabica & 15% Robusta, blend of beans from Africa and Asia
  • Average servings per bag: 30 shots (8g/shot) or 15 cups of Americano
  • Aroma – 5 | Body – 3 | Sweetness – 5 | Intensity – 4 | Roundness – 5 | Medium Roast
  • Shelf life up to 24 months, packed in protective atmosphere, bags with air valve
Case Pack: 8 pcs - Pack of 8

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